Guest Speakers

-Sydney FSA 2017-

February 8

Gordon Lovegrove Trophy

Great preparation for the Sydney Royal. Bruce Hockley, the Sydney Royal 2017 finch judge will officiate. Bring along your birds and get some expert advice nd maybe a tip or two in preparation for the Royal. We’ll hold a sweepstakes. Can you second guess the judge and take home the winnings?

March 8

South America—Macaws, Toucans, Tanagers and much much more! (Bob Wright)

Bob recently toured South America along with Russell Kingston and other FSA members Mick Grixti and Tony Ford. For all who were unable to tag along at least we’ll get to drool over some of the amazing birds and other wildlife during this evenings presentation.

April 12

North America—Yellowstone, American Bird Keeping and Showing. New Products to try (Barry Barker)

Some photos of birds and animals of Yellow Stone National Park America. A visit to the home of an American bird keeper and a look at an American bird show. Barry will then display of some products that are now available—Naturally for Bird Products and Mealworm powder plus some other bits and pieces that may be of interest.

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